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Ibu Lani (Mother Lani) Premium Leech oil

The latest and most concentrated of leech oils, the Ibu Lani Premium Leech oil is the only formulation to combine leech with Butea Superba. Butea Superba has been used for generations to improve manhood in the Lanna tradition. The Ibu Lani leech is made with only 4 natural ingredients, nothing more. No additives, no synthetics. An authentic leech oil will enlarge the veins and strengthen the connective tissues of the penis. Veins enlargement can be observed. Why is it called ‘premium’? It is labelled premium because of the high quality of ingredients used, as well as the large concentration of these ingredients.


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Changes to package tracking

Canada Post and USPS no longer provide comprehensive tracking for registered international parcels from Singapore. Singapore Post ( continues to provide basic information of date and country of despatch and destination arrival. Registered packages to USA and Canada will show ‘Arrival at destination’ upon the package reaching the country of destination.

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Purveyor of traditional and homeopathic remedies

Jamu is a creation of the local, native Malay people who make their own curative treatments using all-natural ingredients.
They then pass the secrets of the treatment down from generation to generation. Here, we offer well-known remedies for your skin, hair and, yes, sexual and fertility issues.

Welcome to the Javanese Way of wellness and beauty.

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Snake fats cream to help prevent keloid formation

A customer, who is keloid prone, had developed some cystic acne around the left jawline. The acne appears to have subsided but in place are a few hard lumps. His concern is whether the lumps are emerging keloids. They have remained the same size for about 3 weeks. ‘I tried almost every kind of acne creams you can think of but the lumps are still there, it would be very devastating if these turn out to be keloids. It suddenly occurred to me to use the snake fats cream and it helped! The lumps started to soften in about a day and had reduced in size by more than 80% the next day. If this continues, I will be saved. I cannot afford another keloid on my face. If you share this with other customers, that may help them: as soon as the acne heals, quickly use the snake fats cream to prevent the lumps from becoming keloids. Don’t wait. If it doesn’t work, move on to others that work.’

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