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Koga herbal eyebrow thickener

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Quantity: 30ml
Origin: Singapore


Product Description

The Secret to beautiful eyes

Like a beautiful picture, its frame can either enhance its intrinsic beauty of subdue it. The eyebrows help frame and bring out the charm of the eyes. For women, a thick eyebrow allows you flexibility in shaping your brows. Without sufficient density, it can be difficult to acquire the ideal shape to frame the eyes. For men, a full set of eye brows denote sexuality and masculinity. Eye brows will also enhance the intensity of the eyes. Hence, a weak brow can reduce the natural beauty of the eyes.

With the herbal eyebrow thickener, there will be no need for eye brow tattoo, eyebrow wigs or surgical implants. Here’s more gorgeous hairy men.


A secret combination of herbs are soaked in wine for an extended period of time. This age old method draws out the curative properties of the herbs. This method is much like the European practice of curing liquor in oak barrels.

[ What Causes Thinning Eyebrows? ]

One’s genes are the usual but not the only cause of thinning eyebrows. Other causes of permanent hair loss in the eyebrow region involve aggressive eyebrow hair tweezing, burns, trauma, alopecia areata (which can occur anywhere), and even leprosy. The cosmetic effect especially on a young woman can be devastating.

This herbal product is made from a traditional recipe to enhance hair growth at the brows and the moustach area. It can also be used as a preventive to ensure that the eyebrow hairs do not fall off prematurely. The earlier this lotion is used in one’s age, the better will be the result.

[ Ingredients ]

  1. Chinese black wine
  2. Black sesame
  3. Peony bark
  4. Red ginseng

[ Application ]

It is applied a few times a day with the fingers over the brow or moustach.




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