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Super Biul Oil for Penis Enlargement and Strengthening

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Quantity: 10ml
Origin: Malaysia

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Product Description

Super Biul Oil is made from traditional herbs that are collected from island of Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra. Then this potent blend is added the fats of the ferret badger. It helps to increase blood flow, stimulates hormonal production, thereby enlarging the male genital. This oil can also be used to enlarge the female breasts.

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The Super Biul Oil (Ferret Badger Oil) enamors a man to provide a climactic sexual experience for his partner. It is best applied daily as well as a few minutes before sexual intercourse, it enlivens the penis, enlarging and thickening it for sexual activity.

It is a known fact that Javanese men have big penises and more than 3 wives.

To satisfy these number of women, you need to be a strong man with strong sex drive and a penis that commands respect. The Biul oil is the product that has been used to massage their genitalia. This old formula has been in use centuries before the discovery of Viagra.

The Biul oil will make the penis stronger. At the same time, the Biul Oil works to prolong your sexual drive until the women achieves multiple orgasms.

An authenticity label is pasted across all bottles. The label is omitted from the picture above to discourage copying.

However, for long term penis development, the leech oil is recommended as the Biul oil is more suitable for rapid, short term activation of the penis.

Please note that the Biul oil as well as our other penis enhancements oils should not be used as masturbation aids. Their main purpose is to strengthen the sexual function of the man and should be used as such.

It is not just about the size of the penis but its virility, such as how fast to get an erection, how long it sustains, how hard it can hold and the rate of recovery. If only size is desired, any hand pump can mechanically achieve a bloated appearance of the penis.

[ Directions ]

Apply the oil from the base of the penis to the head of the penis, one way. Then gently rub the penis from the base to the head, also one way. Do this until the penis is hard and large. This encourages the hormones to enlarge the penis. It is best to exercise the penis daily.

This oil can also be used to massage the breasts to enlarge their sizes. Apply the oil around the breasts, gently massage the breast so that the oil is absorbed.



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