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Vagina tightening and scenting herbal balls

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Quantity: 5-7 small pills of compressed herbs
Origin: Thailand

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Product Description

Secrets of irresistible South East Asian women

A hygienic alternative to tighten the vagina. One time use pills which melt in the vagina. Works quickly and thoroughly. 100% herbal formulation. Pills are tiny in size and can hardly be felt when inserted. Pills works immediately as it dissolves and effects will last for 2-3 hours.

The objective here is to not only to tighten but also to refresh the appearance and odor of the female organ. Let this experience be one where the female sexual organ be perceived as a beautiful fragrant flower, one to be savoured and cherished.

Be it the first encounter or regular sexual encounters with a special someone, intimacy is an experience to be treasured.


[ Benefits ]

  1. For the treatment of uterhra of all kinds. Leucorrhoea will disappear when the herbal capsules are inserted.
  2. Having sexual intercourse  is possible when the tablet is in the vagina, providing much pleasure to both parties.
  3. Suitable for married women who have loose vaginal muscles. Restores feminine sexuality to mature women.

[ Indication ]

For women with loose vaginal muscles, especially after giving birth, muscular slack due to aging or excessive sex. Pills help to tighten the vaginal walls, enhancing sensitivity during sexual intercourse for both parties. Also helps to remove odors and discharges, making the vagina smells and tastes pleasant. Many women have reported that the sweet smell and tastes of the vagina is addictive to their men.

vaginal_tightening_pils_closeup[ Usage ]

Insert 2-4 pills into the vagina and allow to melt. Allow to melt in about 10-15 mins before sex. Sex can also be carried out with pills inside the vagina. Use regularly to maintain virginal quality of the organ. The tightening will last for approximately 2-3 days.

The pills are left inside the vagina to melt, it is not necessary to rinse away. When the herbal balls melt from the body heat, it becomes a blackish thick liquid. This will allow the herbal balls to work on the vagina tract as it will flow deeper into the vaginal tract. If the blackish liquid is too thick, try putting less herbal balls in the next usage. Another usage for regular maintenance is to allow the liquid to take effect in the vagina overnight and rinse vagina the next morning.



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