Merit Slimming Jamu

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Quantity: 21 pills x 3 satchets
Origin: Indonesia
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All time favourite slimming supplement

Jamu Merit is a traditional oral preparation used to induce weight loss and support a healthier, trimmer figure. It is a combination of herbs that have diuretic and “fat-cleansing” effects. Jamu Merit reduces flabbiness, while protecting the tone of your skin after weight loss.

MERIT has the Certificate of Pre-Clinical Trial from BPOM (Indonesian FDA), showing that Merit can reduce Cholesterol and Trigliseride level of the blood. This slimming jamu is made from natural herbs and contains no artificial chemical substances. It has no side effects for long term consumption. This formula is traditionally used for helping in body slimming, reducing excessive fat in the stomach, easing bowel movement. It reduces excessive cholesterol and triglyceride in the body.

By removing fatty tissues, this formula also helps to reduce cholesterol. Indonesian FDA approved formula Tightens stomach, reduce feeling of flabbiness Cleanses blood Aids bowel movement Lessen your appetite without any harm to health Beneficial for overweight men and women Helps you achieve a youthful complexion and gain a perfect figure.

[ Ingredients ]

Guazumae Folium 150 mg, Rhei Radix 50 mg, Granati Fructus Cortex 50 mg, Dalam bentuk ekstrak 500 mg, and Guazumae Folium works immediately in the digestive system and dissolves fat in the body. Guazume Folium works by forming a layer to protect the mucus membrane of digestive system, therefore enables to accelerate food passage. Rhei Radix has derivative content of anthraquinone which has purgative effect. At the same time, Granati Fructus Cortex extract makes intestines pores smaller, so it could reduce food absorption. So, by eliminating the calories and fats from food intake, the body will be induced to use up existing store of calories. This helps in gradually reduce fats in the body.

[ Directions ]

Take 3 pills once a day before sleeping at night. If necessary, take 3 pills more in the morning. For beginning treatment, just take 2 pills once a day before sleeping.

Pair the German Slimming Tea with the Merit or the Susut Perut Tummy Trimmer for a more intensive fat reduction program. Combine these oral programs with a regular High Intensity Aerobic workout program to achieve the body of your dream.

[ DepKes RI number ]

In the interest of safety, the government of Indonesa advises that only those brands of jamu carrying the Indonesian Food and Drug Control Directorate (the DepKes RI Number) on the packet should be consumed. (DepKes is the acronym for the Departmen Kesehatan te Department of Health and RI stands for Republic of Indonesia) These registration numbers (issued also by the Departmen Kesehatan) must, by law, be printed on every bottle or packet. The number is issued only after the product has been tested by government laboratories and met a stringent set of requirements. If the name of the jamu changes after registration, the whole process must be repeated.



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