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Ibu Lani (Mother Lani) Premium Leech oil

The latest and most concentrated of leech oils, the Ibu Lani Premium Leech oil is the only formulation to combine leech with Butea Superba. Butea Superba has been used for generations to improve manhood in the Lanna tradition. The Ibu Lani leech is made with only 4 natural ingredients, nothing more. No additives, no synthetics. An authentic leech oil will enlarge the veins and strengthen the connective tissues of the penis. Veins enlargement can be observed. Why is it called ‘premium’? It is labelled premium because of the high quality of ingredients used, as well as the large concentration of these ingredients.

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Fertility and Sexuality

Most of us have heard of India’s Kama Sutra and Tunisia’s Perfumed Garden. Every ancient agricultural society has its own celebration of fertility, sensual pleasure, and romance.

Java is no exception. But with the advent of sociopolitical conservatism in Indonesia, it is hard to imagine the existence of a Javanese sex book that “keeps it real” without losing its civilised finesse and religious compass.

Serat Centhini is a poetic anthology of Javanese tales and wisdom, commissioned by Prince Pakubuwono V of the Surakarta Sunanate in 1814. In the interest of compiling a written record of the entire Javanese cultural heritage, the Prince sent two royal scribes on a journey across Java, and another one to Mecca.

“Sex can make one love or hate another,” said Kestity. “To have a harmonious relationship, a couple needs a healthy sex life. It guarantees the happiness of the family, and is one of life’s purposes. That’s why in his pre-adulthood journey, Cabolang searches for his identity and soul mate.”

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Jamu is a creation of the local, native Malay people whose lives have been touched by Nature. Originating in South East Asia, Jamu is the beating pulse of the Javanese.


They then pass the secrets of these Jamu recipes down from generation to generation.