Herbal stacking

Herbal Stacking with multiple ingredients

Increasing dosages of just one supplement comes with an increased risk of side effects. Side effects can be avoided by combining several different prosexual herbals, each at a lower dosage, for an additive impact.

The same logic applies to food.

If a person east 10 to 20 tomatoes a day, and nothing else, he will at least get a headache. There may be other symptoms of mild poisoning, too. And the same will be the case if, for one or several days, you eat just onions, or broccoli, or eggplants.

But if you eat one or two tomatoes, one or two onions, one or two broccolis, and one or two eggplants, you will likely have consumed enough food, and feel perfectly fine. Mixing does the trick for food (no hunger) and our herbals (better sex).

For food, the term is “a balanced diet” . And for sexual enhancement, it’s called “stacking”.

It is also widely referred to alterating between 2 or more herbs.