Cult of Jamu


Established in 1985, The Jamu Shop offers traditional remedies derived from the established knowledge of Jamu and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

From the Spice Islands of Indonesia, through the vast empire of China, to the mountains of India, we long to usher in holistic remedies that address the elements of physical tensions we face through our hectic lifestyles, radical environment and hapless diet. Remedies include those for skin problems as well as other common ailments.

These special formulations and treatments, rooted deep in a century of knowledge and quality, provide for the basis of our traditional healing systems. By practicing these ancestral secrets we balance the body, comfort the mind and free the spirit. More importantly, we urged every reader to exercise restraint in food and lifestyle habits. Preventive measures taken early is the best medicine. No product can replace the self healing mechanism of the body.

Our ancestors experimented with all types of leaves, flowers, roots and tubers to discover what useful properties they hold. Various combinations of different ingredients were found to restore health and beauty. It is with this sacred knowledge that the origins of traditional medicine is founded. It is an act of love to realize the properties of natural substances in an attempt to help another.