Sexual Tantra

Journey of sexual transformation

Masturbation,  just short of ejaculation.

Sex is an important part of life, but the modern man has through its own delusions, brought sex to a mundane level. Worse, some has even brought it to a level of dangerous perversion.

Masturbation is a form of self expression but unknown to many, it is addictive. It becomes a crutch where the man seek release almost on a daily level. With today’s hectic, urban pent-up lifestyle, masturbation is an easy form of release from his pressure cooker existence. Unbeknowst to him, masturbation is but a temporary form of release, the tiredness he feel afterwards fills him like vaccum. Much like the short-lived excitment of drinking heavy liquor wearing off, and he, experiencing a hangover.

But this wastage of energy can be so frequent that the Man loses the energy to live his life. Living a life requires energy to rise to the challenges of life. Challenges are overcomed and he continues his existence until such time is he cease to be.

Break the habit of self release through masturbation. Self release can come in the form of physical exertion through sports, through aesthetics, pottery, photography, through art, painting, through social work, volunteerism, etc.

The key is to transform the sexual energy into a positive manifestation upon the being and the world.

The sacred spot 

Just before ejaculation, tense the area between the anus and base of the scrotum. You will feel the entire area being pulled up and the penis retracted. This series of muscles prevents the outflow of ejaculation.

Next visualise the white bright energy flowing back from the base of the spine up the pelvis and up along the spine, up the neck and into the brain. Visualise the brain area awash with bright sexual energy.

If you find using visualisation difficult, you can use finger massage on the perineum. Using the first three fingers during the perineum massage, about 30 seconds before ejaculation you start pressing upwards and inwards on your perineum – closer to the base of the penis.  Press on it until you feel that your seminal fluid instead of flowing downward and outward, begins to flow upwards and inwards thus you retain your energy.

This is one form of sexual tantra, that of transforming sexual energy into magnetic energy, mental energy. It makes a person more attractive, more magnetic and indeed, mentally nimble.

Excessive ejaculation makes the man lethargic, sleepy and without drive to achieve. The penis, in many cultures, is a symbol of ‘yang’ energy – the energy of creation, of manifestation. So it is with the alpha male, his store of ‘yang’ energy is not squandered away but held in reserve.

You will feel that the orgasm experienced from this exercise will give you more pleaseure and this pleasure lasts as long as you want. Allow the penis to become hard and then soft, and so on. The leech oil is best used this way. The penis is trained to become stronger, thicker and sturdier.

The key is not to allow sperm to ejaculate.

 During sex 

In sexual tantra, the man’s penis is always ready to please his woman. By not allowing himself to become weak and lethargic, his penis is always ready to become hard. To the woman, it is not important if he ejaculates, what is important is that he gets hard whenever she feels a need to be aroused. When inserted inside the vagina, rock her body to allow her to experience the splendour of the hardended penis. Allow her to express her pleasure as she slides herself against the penis. The key is to allow her to relish the enjoyment of having a hard penis inside her.

Do remember to hold back ejaculation as you are about to come. Practice the exercise detailed above to perfection. Your penis, your manhood, will become the pillar of strength and comfort for your woman. She will embrace the penis as an extension of you, her man. Strong, reliable and ready.

Only ejaculate if you feel there is a need, like the objective to let her conceive.

Into old age 

With regular penis massage, leech oil application, sacred spot exercise, the man can be sexually powerful even in old age. He has not depleted his magnetic, sexcual energy in youth. With mental control, he will still be able to satisfy the woman (women) in his life.