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Powerful natural medicine with a history dating back 1400 years

Black Seed is believed to have originated in Mediterranean Countries. Then its growth spread to Africa, Asia, Europe, America. And Today, due to its innumerable medicinal uses, Black seed is cultivated worldwide .But because it is sensitive to climate and soil conditions, it is mostly found in Middle East countries.

It is now commonly taken in powder form. No adulteration except in its purest form.

Nigella and melatin are two ingredients in Black Seed that contribute greatly to its highly diversified powers.  These substances work together to provide the digestive benefits that have been revered in Black Seed.  They also promote cleansing and assist with overall eliminating action. Two of the most volatile oils found in Black seed are nigellone and thymoquinone which were fist discovered in the herb in 1985.

Nigellone offers both anti-spasmodic and bronchodilating properties which contribute to Black Seed’s potency against respiratory ailments.  It also acts as an antihistamine which helps to reduce the negative symptoms of allergy sufferers.

Thymoquinone contains excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is also a strong anti-oxidant and helps cleanse the body of toxins.  Both nigellone and thymoquinone work in conjunction with one another to enhance Black Seed’s action against respiratory ailments.  It also provides a healthy alternative to the more commonly prescribed cortisone based therapies used by allergy sufferers.

What else is in these black seeds?

Black seed provides a rich supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These ingredients play a key role in daily health and wellness.  They help to regulate the metabolism, carry toxins to the skin’s surface for elimination, balance insulin levels, regulate cholesterol, improve body circulation, and promote healthy liver function.

A deficiency in polyunsaturated fatty acids can lead to a wide number of health problems including nervous system disorders, uninhibited growths, and skin diseases. Black seed contains over 100 valuable nutrients.  It is comprised of approximately 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates, and 35% plant fats and oils.

The active ingredients of black seed are nigellone, thymoquinone, and fixed oils. Black seed also contains significant proportions of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.  Other ingredients include linoleic acid, oleic acid, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, niacin, and vitamin C.

Seed of Seeds

A 1994 study conducted in London by King’s College revealed that Black Seed has properties that inhibit certain enzymes, which also inhibit the production of certain prostaglandins. This is more proof that the rich and complex combination of elements found in Black Seed work together for a total effect.

Islam has mentioned many herbs, fruits and plants which has got medicinal and healing properties. Among them are dates, pomegranates olives, black seeds, honey and figs. But Black seeds is considered as more superior to others. According to the Authentic hadith, the Prophet Mohammed(p.b.u.h.) is believed to have said , “ Black seed is the remedy for every disease except death.” (Sahih bukhari Vol 7, book 71, number 592)

black seed powder


Ground powdered black seed (Nigella Sativa)

Benefits of the Black Seed Powder

Black seed is an ancient medicine, it has since been used to treat the following conditions:

1. Diabetes
2. Gout
3. Fatigue
4. Skin diseases
5. Gastric
6. Flatulence
7. Insomnia
8. Coughing
9. Irregular menstruation
10. High cholesterol
11. Jaundice
12. Constipation
13. Kidney stones
14. Infertility

Traditional cosmetical use:

Ground up black seeds has been used to beautify and protect the skin in the following ways:

1. Use a mixture of ground black seed and honey as a paste. Apply it on the face and expose it to the sun for a short time during the day. Then wash.

2. Mix a little powdered black seed with a little natural olive oil. Then, cover the face and neck and expose to cool sun rays for 20 minutes. Then, wash.

Instructions for Black Seed Powder

1. Boil black seed powder with water. Strain and drink.
2. Bring black seed powder and warm milk to a boil for a short while. Cool, then drink.
3. Eat a teaspoon of honey mixed with black seed powder.
4. Eat black seed powder plain.

The above methods can be taken 1-3 times a day.


It should not be taken during pregnancy.


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