Harum Rapet Women’s Sexual Elixir

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Quantity: 100 dried herbs capsules
Origin: Indonesia
Producer: Jamu Nyonya Karsih
Dep Kes RI No. TR 937181343


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Unfolding a new woman in you in the Jamu tradition

Jamu Nyonya Karsih is a well known Jamu maker in Indonesia. One of its most famous recipe is the Harum Rapet – Untuk Wanita. It is a 100% herbal preparation formulated to eliminate unpleasant smell, curing leucorrhoea and reducing excessive mucus. This result in a vagina that is fragrant, imbued with light feminie aroma and is tight.

Over the long term, the woman is sexually confident, and feels good about herself. She knows that she is the best that she can be for her man, at whatever age. In keeping with the tradition of true Jamu practices, the woman fulfils her potential as the inseparable half of a sacred union.

It is a fact that even without the benefit of expensive modern products. Indonesian women are amazingly well preserved, even after producing large families. Jamu, as a system of medicine is a trusted medicinal resource not only for ailments but also for happiness. Indonesians swear by this national heritage.

[ Ingredients ]

1. Cubebae 20%

2. Curcumae Domesticae Rhizoma 15%

3. Piperis Folium 20%

4. Kaempferiae Rhizoma 15%

5. Other plant extracts 100%

[ Usage ]

4 capsules, 2 times a day regularly. Dosage can be reduced gradually when the condition improves.

[ DepKes RI number ]

In the interest of safety, the government of Indonesa advises that only those brands of jamu carrying the Indonesian Food and Drug Control Directorate (the DepKes RI Number) on the packet should be consumed. (DepKes is the acronym for the Departmen Kesehatan te Department of Health and RI stands for Republic of Indonesia) These registration numbers (issued also by the Departmen Kesehatan) must, by law, be printed on every bottle or packet. The number is issued only after the product has been tested by government laboratories and met a stringent set of requirements. If the name of the jamu changes after registration, the whole process must be repeated.