Herbal Erection Spray to Delay Ejaculation


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Free from aerosols; delays ejaculation; sustains a strong erection; #herbalerectionspray

This herbal erection spray is for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection OR for men who wants a prolonged erection. Just a spray on the penis to keep it stiff and rigid for a longer period. Premature ejaculation is witheld. Formulated entirely from a Tibetan folk formula, the spray prolongs sexual intercourse, enhancing pleasure for both parties.

Unlike sprays made with synthetic chemicals (like Lipocain and Benzocain), this erect cure herbal spray has no side effects. This spray is certified to be free from harmful anaesthetics. Each packaging comes with a copy of the certificate (in Thai).

Premature ejaculation can be managed

Premature ejaculation is often a problem when: 1. the vagina walls are too tight, causing a firm grip on the penis during intercourse, 2. the man is sexually and emotionally inexperienced, being unable to control his ejaculation, or 3. the man has a weak disposition, resulting in weak muscles to hold back the ejaculation.

This often results in an unsatisfactory sexual liaison with the partner, especially for the woman, who will require more time to achieve orgasm. This dissatisfaction, if allowed to propagate, will usually affect the self esteem of the man from the diminished respect for his sexual prowess. Many durability spray on the market uses cheap but harmful chemicals to prolong erection. This is neither effective nor safe.

The spray can be used inside the condom, or can be washed off after 15 minutes of application to facilitate oral sex. It is portable and a few short sprays per session is all that is needed. The effect lasts for 2-3 hours, making it cost economical. No repeated sprays is necessary to maintain the effect. The spray should be used as an alternative to strong medications like Viagra, etc. If such medications must be used to maintain erection (in cases of severe impairment of the sex organ), the spray can be used together for a more virile experience.

Ingredients of the Herbal Erection Spray

  1. Water 77.35%
  2. Ethyl alcohol 10.00%
  3. Carmella Sinesis Leaf Extract 5.00%
  4. Fragrance 0.50%
  5. Vitamin E 0.30%
  6. DMDM Hydantoin 0.30%
  7. Peppermint 0.20%
  8. Other 6.35%


Shake bottle well to mix the ingredients inside. Spray 2-3 times over the head of the penis. Leave the lotion on for about 10-15 minutes then rinse with water if needed (for oral sex). Can be used with condom (spray onto the penis head and put on the condom for extended pleasure).


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