Jamu Natural Herbal Slimming Lansing Formula 30 caps x 2 boxes


19.80 $

Quantity: 30 capsules x 2 boxes
Origin: Sukabumi,  Indonesia
Producer: PT SS Hemacare
POM TR : 06235520100
* Registered product with the NADFC (The National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Republic of Indonesia) or Badan POM.
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Fat reduction and body shaping Jamu

Jamu natural herbal slimming Lansing formula allows one to  lose weight without side effects. It works by suppressing appetite, reduces hunger and removes excess fats. It works best with a controlled diet and regular exercises.

By suppressing appetite, Jamu natural slimming Lansing formula also trains the body to reduce its intake of food, becoming a habit. This is a most important step to sustainable slimming, as opposed to short term benefits.

Ingredients of Jamu natural herbal slimming Lansing formula

1. Morinda citrifolia (carrying) 50 mg
2. Muraculata (yellow) 150 mg
3. Guazuma ulimifolia (dutch teak) 150 mg
4. Grantum Punica (pomegranate) 50 mg
5. Barbata Parameria (rapet wood) 50 mg
6. Zingber Purpureum 50 mg


Just take 1 capsule, 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals (morning, afternoon and evening / night. For maintenance, take one capsule once in the day and once in the evening 30 minutes before meals. Or take one capsule when you feel hungry and want to curb the appetite.

Not for pregnant or lactating women.

DepKes RI number 

In the interest of safety, the government of Indonesa advises that only those brands of jamu carrying the Indonesian Food and Drug Control Directorate (the DepKes RI Number) on the packet should be consumed. (DepKes is the acronym for the Departmen Kesehatan te Department of Health and RI stands for Republic of Indonesia) These registration numbers (issued also by the Departmen Kesehatan) must, by law, be printed on every bottle or packet. The number is issued only after the product has been tested by government laboratories and met a stringent set of requirements. If the name of the jamu changes after registration, the whole process must be repeated.



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