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Increase libido and penis size naturally with ‘Viagra van Java’

Purwoceng (pimpinella Alpina or Pimpinella pruatjan) is a traditional medicinal plant originally from Dieng Plateau in Central Java. The roots of the plant are harvested and grinded into powder.

The whole plant (especially leaves and roots) can be used. In the old days the entire plant was used as a traditional medicine only to be used by the kings (raya) of Central Java (Sultans of Solo and Jogja for example) and West Java. The roots are the most powerfull and have so called diuretic properties therefore The Purwoceng was used to increase stamina and as an aphrodisiac.

Purwoceng is believed to increase Testosteron levels and therefore can increase libido in males. Purwoceng has been reported to contain plant steroid and sterols, flavonoids, glycoside, saponins, tannins, and phenolic.

The roots have a reddish brown color and are grinded into powder. The powder can be put into a tea bag and used to make tea or it can be directly added to hot boiling water (1 tea spoon). You can also mix the powder with any drink you prefer.

Purwoceng can very well be used together with other anabollic herbs like the Black ginger, Tongkat Ali etc. Just as with Tongkat ali it may be a good idea to use Purwoceng cyclically. Its quite important to cycle the use of Purwoceng otherwise the body gets used to it and it may not work well anymore. For instance take Purwoceng daily for the first week, and then stop using it for second week, then use it again daily in the third week etcetera.

We sell only 100% Purwoceng root powder finely ground from the roots:

Boosts sexual performance with Purwoceng ‘Viagra van Java’

The purwaceng aphrodisiac properties had been noted by the court in Java. Scientific studies however have only begun in the present.

From various studies conducted by several domestic universities, it is known that there is a real effect of giving purwaceng plants on increasing sexual ability. Therefore, Purwaceng is often referred to as “traditional Viagra” or “Indonesian Viagra” [5].

As quoted from the results of a study by Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) researchers in 2007 [1], all parts of the Purwaceng plant can be used as traditional medicine, but the most nutritious part is the root.

The Forestry Research and Development Agency also confirmed that the root has diuretic properties and is used as an aphrodisiac, namely medicinal properties that can increase or increase stamina [2].

Generally, plants or plants that are efficacious as aphrodisiac contain saponin derivative compounds, alkaloids, tannins, and other compounds that are efficacious as body boosters and accelerate blood circulation.

The most active ingredients of Purwaceng are found in the roots, which resemble carrots and are white, about 10 cm long. Purwaceng root contains coumarin derivatives which are often used in the modern medical industry, but not for aphrodisiacs but for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-cancer properties [3].

However, a study quoted from the book Myths About Sexual Problems and Reproductive Health, Saturday (23/1/2010) states that Purwaceng can increase sex drive, increase testosterone and increase the number of spermatozoids, which is powerful herbal medicine.

To get real benefits, Purwaceng must be drunk regularly for 7-15 days. In addition, this plant is also effective in warming the body, nerves, and muscles, eliminating colds and aches, smooth urination, analgesics (relieving pain), reducing heat, worm medicine, antibacterial and anti-cancer. The original Purwaceng has a distinctive taste, namely spicy, which is produced by the roots and seeds.

Boosts Testosterone with Purwoceng ‘Viagra van Java’

A physician specialist Andrology of  DIPONEGORO UNIVERSITY named Dr. Taufiq R, SP. And Nasihun., conducted preclinical efficacy testing to find out the real Purwoceng. In the course of this trial, Dr. Taufiq using sprangue dawley, one type of white-tailed mouse as much as 60. Mice which all adult males-sex and aged 90 days were then divided into six groups. 

According to experts, at the age of 90 days, rats were in peak levels of testosterone.
The sixth group was given a solution of 2 ml aquades, purwoceng and the pasak bumi in a few pegs by measure. Test materials are given during the week was oral. As a result, animal testing is testosterone 50 mg purwoceng increased to 125%. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that type of work, among others, enhance sex, adding to the passion, energy and immunity protection. This hormone is essential for both men and women.
In addition to testosterone increases, giving purwoceng also increases up to 29.2% luteinzing hormone. Luteinzing hormone that stimulates the functioning of the cells in the testes to produce testosterone. In conclusion, due to the increase in testosterone hormone purwoceng affects and luteinzing, then purwoceng can be said to be an aphrodisiac, either direct or indirect.
Purwoceng ability in an increasing number of testosteron compounds because the sterol in purwoceng, which is inside the body is then converted to testosterone. While the active compounds, namely lannya, isobergapten, furanokumarin and sphondin make arrangement bergapten central nervous luteinzing hormone stimulated to form.

Rejuvenation aid for the aging male with Purwoceng ‘Viagra van Java’

‘ Testosteron deficiency in aging male is associated with the loss of Iibido, erectile dysfuction, depression, decreased cognitive ability, lethargy, osteoporosis, and loss of muscle mass and strength. Testosterone plays a role in the production of sperm and semen, the fluid that aids in the motility of sperm. There are some plant, such as Purwoceng, that belived can be used to overcome low T. Hypothecally of the effect of purwoceng to overcome low T is the constituent of purwoceng have lotention as testosteron analog. The aims of this research is to know the furwocengethanol extract potention as anti aging medicine to overcome andropause with mice sperm count as a parameter. ….Conclusion of this research is the purwoceng ethanol extract has potention as anti aging medicine to overcome andropause with mice sperm count as a parameter…’

Increasing penis size with Purwoceng ‘Viagra van Java’

Purwoceng is known to aid the increase penis size due to the above reasons.

‘Purwoceng (Pimpinella alpina Molk) extracts could enhance erectile function biomarker.’ (

Suggested dosage 

1 gram twice a day or half a teaspoon twice a day or as needed. suitable for men only.

Here’s what 1 gram looks like on a teaspoon:


  6. Jasaputra, Diana Krisanti (2015) The Potention of Purwocengethanol Extract as Anti Aging Medicine to Overcome Andropause with Mice Sperm Count as A Paramater. In: National Symposium and Workshop on Anti-Aging Medicine, March 13-15, 2015, Bali.