Lobiliae Grass Herbal Oil for Fungal; Rashes; Infection 28ml


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Healing power of the Lobiliae grass

A potent anti-fungal/anti-bacterial formula using an exclusive formula of the Lobiliae Chinensis. This oil removes itching, resolves swelling and sterilizes. By virtue of its processing method, the herbal extracts are effectively released from the herbs and captured by the liquid oil base. This method of processing ensures stability and potency of the concentrated bio-actives.

Lobiliae Chinensis

This herb sterilizes the skin, killing bacteria and fungal. It restores the skin’s normal functioning by removing excess heat poison and cooling the affected area. Can be used to treat Urticaria and Eczema. The Lobiliae Chinensis Oil is best used with the Crocodile Oil to treat chronic eczema.

The herb is collected in summer, removed from soil, washed clean, and dried in the sun. It is widely used to treat snakes bites and bee stings.


1. Camphor 23.8%
2. Menthol 3.5%
3. Fructus Cnidi 1.5%
4. Herbal Lobeliae Chinensis 62.2%
5. Palmatum and base to 100%


Fungal rashes (white spots, ringworms, tinea) at the head, hand, feet, groin.

Below are just some examples where the use of the Green Herbal Oil will be useful:




Acne and pustules

Itching and rashes


Apply on affected parts 3-4 times a day.