Medicated Sulphur Soap for Skin Problems x 2 bars


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Quantity: 95 grams x 2 bars
Origin: Shanghai, China
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Medicated Sulphur Soap for skin problems

Sulphur has been used for generations in many cultures as a beauty aid. It is highly antibacterial, making it difficult for bacteria, mites and germs to disturb the integrity of the skin. Medicinal sulphur soap thoroughly absorbs pore dirt, leaving the pores clean, just like it had been through a bubble hot spring. This soap also contains natural coconut fats to moisturise the skin.

Medicinal sulphur soap is lightly exfoliant. After washing, it leaves your skin fresh and non sticky. It effectively clears the accumulation of dead skin (which is left on the skin will become food for mites, it will also clog pores). As a skin polish, it makes the skin firm and bright.

As a skin healer, medicinal sulphur soap is anti-inflammatory: inhibit the secretion of the sebum and is a good treatment for acne, seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, light eruption etc. As an Anti-dandruff: restrain the skin bacteria effectively and prevent the skin itching, scabies, athlete’s foot etc..

Scabies occurs when microscopic mites bury themselves under the skin. This causes itching, soreness and rashes. Sulfur is toxic and can kill these mites, which makes the use of sulfur soap an effective way to get rid of scabies.

Medicinal sulphur soap helps dry out acne on your skin. Since sulfur is lightly exfoliatory, it will help decrease the inflammation of pimples and other blemishes on your skin. Sulfur can also help decrease the appearance of whiteheads on your skin by decreasing the oiliness and preventing pores from becoming blocked.


Can be used on the scalp, face and body. Leave the soap foam on the affected area for 3-5 mins before rinsing.


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