Polygonum Hair Growth and Darkening Shampoo 150ml


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Quantity: 150ml
Origin: Singapore
Producer: Teda Pharmceutical Pte Ltd

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A shampoo rich in Chinese herbal essence

Polygonum Hair Growth and Darkening Shampoo is an exquisite, concentrated and effective Chinese herbal shampoo. During shampooing, the active ingredients are readily absorbed into the hair roots. Long term usage stimulates the growth of soft and lustrous hair, prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.



He Shou wu – Polygonum


It encompasses valuable Chinese medicinal ingredients such as Rhizoma Gastrodiae and Radix Polygoni Multiflori (dried from above). The natural essence is extracted to formulate this shampoo. Polygoni Multifori, in Chinese is known as He Shou Wu, literally means ‘Old Black Beard’. This shampoo promotes hair growth and hair darkening.

Ingredients that promote hair growth and hair darkening

1. Palyxyethylene fatty alcohol sodium sulphate 15%
2. fatty acid alkanol amide 3.5%
3. Extract of polygonum gastrodia
4. Purified water 78%


Use about 6-8g of shampoo. Apply to wet hair and massage into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.