Pueraria Herbal Soap for Breasts


16.80 $

Quantity: 70 grams
Origin: Samutprakan, Thailand
Producer: Bikini Boomz



Optimizes breast growth and firming

Pueraria Herbal Soap with mixed herbal combination helps to enlarge and firm up your breasts while cleansing. It also lightens the nipple color to a softer shade of pink.

Pueraria Herbal Soap enhances and stimulates estrogen-sensitive breast tissues and helps enhance breast mass by introducing phyto-estrogen (naturally occuring plant estrogen) from pueraria mirifica directly into the estrogen receptor sites. It is able to enhance, enlarge, firm and promote healthy breasts. It expands the cellular substructure of the breast cells and increases blood flow which contributes to its breast enlarging properties.

This will stimulate the development of mammary tissues to give you a fuller and firmer bust-line.

Most women will see this dramatic change in 3-6 months. Once you have the bust mass you always wanted, continue for another 3 months. The effect from using the Pueraria Herba Soap are natural, completely safe, long lasting and in most cases permanent.


Use during shower, use soap around breasts, massage around nipples and then the breasts. Follow the diagram at the back of the box. 3-5 minutes twice a day in the morning and in the evening, then rinse thoroughly.


Aqua, Arbutin, Ascorbyl Palmitate 17200 Collagen, EDTA Fragrance, Glycerin, Honey Milk, Nicotinamide, Raria Mirifica root powder, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Kerelate, Swiftlet nest extract, Tocopheryl acetate.


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