Roasted Kemiri; Minyak Kemiri for scalp

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Reviving an age old hair secret of roasted candlenuts

The Kemiri oil is widely used as a beauty aid for the hair and scalp. This product distinguishes itself with its unadulterated and undiluted pure kemiri oil which are yielded from ROASTED CANDLENUTS. Processed using only original methods, this oil retains the potency and goodness that pure Kemiri oil has to offer. This oil is suitable for all hair colours. It brightens and intensifies the hair’s original colour.


In Hawaii

The candlenut tree is unique and conspicuous for its light gray-toned foliage. Candlenut trees grow on the lower slopes of the mountains, especially in steep canyons. The trunks grow straight upwards, attaining heights of 80 feet or more, with diameters up to 2 1/2 feet. Branches form at 30 feet or more above the ground. Attractive, green-tinged white flowers bloom at the end of the branches. Kemiri fruits later form on the branches. The skin of the fruit is a hard green covering 1/4 inch thick and as the fruit matures it turns a dark grayish-black and softens. Inside the fruit are one or two hard, wrinkled nuts. At first, the nutshell is white, but as it ages, it turns brown, and finally black. Popular Kemiri nut are made from polished nuts.

Hundreds of years ago, Hawaiians discovered that when the shells were removed from Kemiri nuts and the kernels lightly roasted, a clear oil could be extracted from them. They found that the oil was an excellent penetrating oil and it was, and still is, widely used as a remarkable skin-care aid and natural moisturizer. Indigenous peoples of Hawaii and Indonesia use the oil today as their preferred skin-care product that helps protect their skin from harsh sunlight, drying winds and salt water. This treasured health and beauty secret has been rediscovered by the Javanese and is produced today in the same pure form as it was centuries ago. Kemiri nut oil is unique among moisturizing oils.

Roasted nuts

Kemiri; candlenut oil has a very high content of essential fatty acids that are the building blocks of healthy skin and hair. The candlenut oil (see picture on the left) is also very useful for conditioning the hair. Its moisturizing nutrients penetrates deep into the hair shaft to condition the hair, leaving it dark and shiny. The penetrating characteristics of candlenut oil is due to its very low molecular weight, one of the lowest of available similar oils. As applied to the hair, the low molecular weight allows the oil to penetrate the hair shaft like no other oil treatment can. The candlenut oil contains the essential fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic, at a higher percentage than in other popular oils used in today’s haircare. This natural oil is great for the skin and hair.

A good scalp treatment is one that activates hair follicles and reduces head tension. The Karoeng Djamoe scalp treatment is one such ritual. After shampoo and conditioning, aloe vera sap freshly extracted from leaves were massaged into the scalp (to encourage hair growth and protect against dry hair and split ends). After rinsing, ground kemiri (rich candlenuts) oil blended with crushed hibiscus leaves (used for hair washing in Indonesia before the advent of commercial shampoos) were then applied onto the scalp to put grey hair at bay.

This was followed by banana stem dew juice (dew collected from the stem of a cut banana tree left overnight) treatment to strengthen root of the hair. These fresh extracts were massaged onto the scalp with strong and quick motions, then rinsed out before the next was applied. Kemiri oil was then massaged onto the scalp and hair at the end of the treatment. The massage and natural ingredient can bring out the best of the most lavish (and most complete) rural hair ritual to reveal amazingly shiny and healthy hair.

This oil is safe for use by children above 12 years old.

Kemiri oil darkens the hair colour, encourages growth, retards hair loss by nourishing the follicles and densify the hair strands.

[ Instructions ]

Our oil is dark in color because the nuts are first roasted before the oil is extracted. We believe that this streneous procedure increases the potency of the oil. Real kemiri hair oils are made this way in the past. It is painstakingly laborious but well worth the effort. Merely extracting the oils from the nuts will yield a yellowish oil, this was used for the skin and for cooking. Shake the bottle. Massage into the scalp twice a day. Leave on.

[ Typical fatty composition of candle nuts ]

  1. Palmitic acid 6.5%
  2. Linoleic acid 44.2%
  3. Stearic acid 2.4%
  4. Linolenic acid 26.2%
  5. Oleic acid 20.7%



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