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TCM Vitality Tonic – Tonifying the seat of sexual energy

While Western medicine emphases the link between cardiovascular function and Erectile Dysfunction (ED), TCM places importance on liver and kidney ailments as causative factor for development of ED. Western medicine involves a step-wise approach by targeting the relevant organ systems to treat various clinical symptoms; but TCM focuses on restoring the balance between various organs to achieve harmony and holistic approach to inner sense.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, sexual health is largely managed by the Kidney organ system. That being said, In TCM the Kidneys are in charge of essence, an important yin energy. We are born with a set amount of essence, which, unlike Qi, can never be replenished.   When we age, our essence is slowly depleted, causing our hair to turn grey and fall out, our face to show signs of aging and our teeth to loosen and fall. In addition, there is also an increase in sexual dysfunction as energy levels and libido lower.  Therefore, sexual dysfunction, which is everything from low libido to impotence, usually indicates a problem with Kidney yin energy.

Unfortunately, while Kidney essence garners sexual and reproductive health, it is also depleted by engaging in sexual intercourse. According to the book Behind the Jade Screen by Dr. Hong Zen Zhu, we can never replenish essence but there are ways in which we can conserve it, through qi kung exercises (such as taiqi) and tonics.

Ping Ming Health Chinese medicine considers the male and female sexual function, including the condition of the sperm and egg, is associated with the Kidney function. Many people suffer infertility issues because their Kidney Yin & Yang is in disorder or weaker which affects the quality of their egg or sperm. Lack of arousal is also related to weak kidney energy but in this case, it is attributed to weak kidney yin. Yin is what gives our bodies lubrication.

Like a seed which holds potential of an entire plant, the kidney system in TCM forms the basis of reproduction in humans. This is important as the abundance in kidney essence drives the maturation of reproductive capabilities during adolescent years where females face the onset of menstruation and males undergo an increase in size of their genitals and experience their first ejaculation. These changes provide humans with the capacity to reproduce. Kidney essence depletes by late 30s or early 40s, depending on individual, signals the start of pre-menopause and the ability to conceive diminishes.

From the TCM perspective, primary fertility issues are most commonly linked to the imbalances in the kidney system. While Western medicine may say that you have low progesterone levels, a TCM diagnosis may refer it as a deficiency in kidney yang. It is a different way of saying similar things, just from different medical perspectives.

[ Indications ]

Tonifying the vital essence of the kidney yin. Strengthening the tendons and bones. Used for weakness of kidneys and waist soreness (especially after sex).

[ Key ingredient Semen Cuscutae ]

The main effect of Tusizi ‘Semen Custacea’ is to replenish the kidney essence or “jing” in order to support healthy sexual and reproductive functioning. Through the mother-son relationship between kidney and liver, it also benefits the eyes, tendons and other physiological functions related to the kidneys and liver.

The uses of this herb date back to the Bencao Gangmu which described its functions as “invigorating deficiencies, benefiting qi (vital energy) and strengthening and promoting health.” It goes on to say: “Taken appropriately on a long term basis, it benefits the eyes, keeps the individual fit and prevents aging … Due to its nourishment of the muscles and yin, and reinforcement of the tendons and bone, it is mainly used to treat excessive coldness in male genital organs, involuntary discharge of semen, dribbling during urination, a bitter taste in the mouth accompanied by a dry and thirsty feeling and to treat an accumulation of cold blood.”

Some of the most interesting research in China involved semen and cuscutae. Rats fed a variety of cuscuta seeds called semen cuscutae showed an increase in the level of testosterone in their blood and increased weight of their testicles.

The researcher in the study at Shantou University School of Medicine in China concluded that semen cuscutae “invigorates the reproductive system” in male rats. Among other things, it was shown to increase semen production. This means it could be an excellent treatment for male infertility.

[ Kidneys and bones and hair ]

The brilliance of the kidneys’ health is said to manifest in our hair. If both kidney essence and blood are abundant, our hair receives sufficient nourishment and appear lustrous, healthy and thick. A deficiency in kidney essence and blood will result in dry, brittle and dull hair. Selecting foods and herbs beneficial to kidney health can result in healthy and lustrous hair growth.

Bone health is also closely associated to the function of kidney essence. The essence is able to transform into bone marrow which is responsible for nourishing bone structures to support their growth and repair processes. A deficiency in kidney essence can lead to brittle bones and stunted growth in children, as well as osteoporosis in the elderly.

The kidney is the most fundamental organ system of your body, which holds the genetic blueprint of your inherent body constitution and how healthy you will be. Whether yin or yang deficiency, it is essential to trace back to the kidneys’ reserves and address the issue immediately. Seeking the right balance between work and rest can ensure the kidneys get enough time for recuperation.

[ Ingredients ]

Each pill 0.1875g contains extract equivalent to raw herbs:
Herba Cistanches 124 mg
Radix Rehmanniae Preparata 124 mg
Semen Cuscutae 124 mg
Fructus Schisandrae 2.04 mg
Starch 13.88 mg

[ Application ]

8 pills once, three times daily.
Side effect, not known.


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