TCM Kidney Nourishing Formula

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Quantity: 50 pills
Origin: China
Producer: Guangxi Yulin Pharmaceutical Group
P.O.M. No. TR 052548431


This has the special function to strengthen kidney yang and congenital jing. Tonifies the lung yin, strengthen Qi and nourishes the blood.

The kidney’s main function is to store “jing”, an essence that contains all the critical ingredients needed to make new life, and controls the maturation of sexual instinct. Insufficient kidney jing, qi or yang therefore, affects sexual function directly.

A famous Chinese doctor named Zhang Jie Bin (approximately 1563-1640) wrote “there are two kidneys, (kidney yin and yang), with the Gate of Vitality between them. The kidney is the organ of water and fire, the abode of yin and yang, the sea of essence, and it determines life and death.”

Congenital jing comes from the parents and determines basic constitution; it cannot be altered, but it can be positively influenced by acquired jing. Acquired jing is produced from food by the spleen and stomach, stored in the kidney and circulated in the body. Congenital and acquired jing have a promoting/ controlling relationship with each other and their interaction produces kidney jing; all three play a part in determining growth and development, sexual maturation, reproduction, and aging. ( Maciocia, G. (2005). The Foundations Of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Text For Acupuncturists And Herbalists. Philadelphia, MA: Elseverier Churchill Livingstone.

[ Main ingredients ]

Gejie is a kind of lizard which the zoological name is called Gekko gecko Linnaeus. Gejie is a specialty of Guangxi. It is a well known ingredient for strengthening body and the internal organs. Ginseng and antlers are also important ingredients especially for curing genral feebleness.

Our company specially slects Geji as the main ingredient with other proper medicines, such as ginseng, antler, etc, from which the pills are extracted and prepared.

[ Indications ]

General weakness, weakness due to long illness, or during a chronic disease, overfatigue due to excessive work, degenerative conditions, over-urinating, lumbago due to deficiency of the kidney and liver, difficulty breathing, chronic cough (with or without phlegm).

Dosage: 2-3 times daily, 3-4 capsules a time, take with warm water.

CAUTION: This formula can be very stimulating and should not be taken by those with YIN deficiency heat.  Also, Do Not Take During Common Cold or Similar Condition. Not suitable for pregnant women.

[ Ingredients ]

Each 500mg contains extracts equivalent to raw herbs:

Gecko 13mg
Herba Epimedii 80mg
Passer Montanus Saturatus Stejneger 50mg
Radix Angelicas Sinensis 80mg
Radix Astrgali 60mg
Radix Achytanthis Eidentatae 80mg
Feuctus Lycii 80mg
Herba Cynomor 80mg
Racix Codonopsis 100mg
Herba Cistanches 70mg
Racix Rehmanniae Preparata 120mg
Radix Dipsaci 80mg
Cortex Eucommiae 120mg
Rhizoma Diosooreae 100mg
Poria 100mg
Sernen Cuscutae 80mg
Semen Trigonellae 60mg
Penis et Testis Canis  40mg
Comu Cervi Pantotrichum 3.6mg