Traditional Medicine Herbal Eczema Cream

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Eczema treatment from the high mountains.

The Traditional Medicine Herbal Eczema Cream is formulated primarily to address itch. Chronic itch has been long known not only as a concomitant manifestation of various skin diseases, such as contact dermatitis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc., but also occurs in systemic, neurological, or psychiatric diseases.

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), including herbal or botanical therapies, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), dietary supplements, etc., is clinically used to treat intractable skin diseases like psoriasis. A large amount of evidence indicated those CAM managements could effectively relieve the symptoms of diseases or their underlying causes, which cannot be solved by western medicine (Farahnik et al., 2017; Parker et al., 2017; Svendsen et al., 2017; Na Takuathung et al., 2018).

Cooling herbs used in the Traditional Medicine Herbal Eczema Cream

The Traditional Medicine Herbal Eczema Cream uses high mountain herbs, known for their anti-heat toxins and purification properties.

It is recommended for acute or chronic dermatitis, eczema, tines (Hong Kong foot), body tine (sweat stain), psoriasis, peeling, blister, feet itch, pruritic vulvae.


Apply onto lesions once or twice a day. Do not apply on open wounds. Keep away from children. Not to be ingested.


1. Pseudolarix amabilis read. 0.2%
2. Sophora Flavescens 0.1%
3. Cnidiifructus 0.2%
4. Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis 0.1%
5. Kochiae Fructus 0.2%

Tibetan folk medicine

The Traditional Medicine Herbal Eczema Cream has its root in Tibetan medicine. Aspects of Tibetan medicine can be found in ancient cultures as old as 2,500 years. It was in the Kingdom of Shang Shung that practitioners of the Bön Shamanistic religion recorded formal texts describing healing rituals, medical divination, and astrology.

Practices such as medical divination lead to much the same nature of treatment. A divination would be made indicating a particular elemental disturbance and a ritual remedy prescribed. Divinations would not be limited to medicine but were connected to all actions considered important, such as marriage, beginning a business, and funerals.


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