Natural Skin Care: Turtle Oil (Chinese Soft Shell) for Skin Repair & Breast Enhancement 30ml

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Origin: Kalimantan, Indonesia
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Turtle oil, the traditional beauty elixir of the islanders; #turtleoil #realturtleoil

Turtle oil is a substance of the ancestral heritage of the Indonesian archipelago. The benefits of pure turtle oil are widely recognised by islanders who are constantly exposed to the sun’s radiation. Turtle oil has been widely used since the days of the early Mataram kingdom, especially by royal princesses as a medicine for body enhancement,  specifically enlarging the breasts and smoothening the skin. The reason being that turtle oil is an excellent proliferator of fibroblasts (collagen).

In other parts of the world, turtle oil is also valued by the indigenous people.

This oil is made from distilled Chinese Softshell turtle (Pelodiscus Sinensis). This species of turtle is farmed for its rich collagen and medicinal properties in boosting health and libido. The fats are processed separately for use in skincare and massage. The Jamu Shop’s turtle oil is extracted, refined and then stabilised. It is of a strong yellow color and the fats are white. The oil feels dry upon application.

Benefits of real turtle oil

The benefits of the farmed soft shell turtle oil are: (a) Fuller and firmer breasts (b) Smoothens and whitens the skin around the breasts (c) Soften chapped skin on the heel of the foot, knees and elbows (e) Clears acne and freckles on the face  (f) Smoothens and fills wrinkled skin.

Soft shell turtle

Other benefits of turtle oil

The present invention relates to tortoise oil, turtle oil, compositions containing them and the process for the preparation thereof. The tortoise oil and turtle oil have anti-inflammatory, anti-gargalesthetic and analgesic activities. They can be used in the prophylaxis and/or treatment of cardiovascular diseases and psoriasis. They can also be utilized to protect humans from solar radiation, enhance the proliferation of human fibroblast, and treat burns and scalding. In addition, the present invention relates to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and sanitary compositions containing the tortoise oil and turtle oil. TORTOISE OIL, TURTLE OIL, COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING THEM, THEIR PREPARATION PROCESSES AND USES 

Turtle oil is also very widely used in Mexico as an excellent ‘skin food’. It was noted that the women who were using the oil had remarkably smooth skin. (!divAbstract/The physical and chemical characteristics of turtle oil)


Shake bottle well before use. For the skin: Apply sparingly on the face or any part of the body. No rinsing is needed.

For breast massage: Clean the breasts, dry them and apply the turtle oil. Massage gently for 5-10 minutes then leave for approximately 15-30 minutes. Rinse. Do this ritual daily for a week and assess the result.

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