Vagina Tightening and Scenting Herbal Beads x 2 bottles (white)


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Quantity: Approximately 30 beads x 2 jars
Origin: West Java, Indonesia

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Secret of the irresistible Indonesian maiden

For women with loose vaginal muscles, especially after giving birth, muscular slack due to aging or excessive sex. Pills help to tighten the vaginal walls, enhancing sensitivity during sexual intercourse for both parties. Also helps to remove odors and discharges, making the vagina smells and tastes pleasant. Many women have reported that the sweet smell and tastes of the vagina is addictive to their men. Made entirely of baked herbal ingredients.

Each bottle contains approximately 40-50 balls.


1. For the treatment of uterhra of all kinds. Leucorrhoea will disappear when the Asli balls are inserted.
2. Having sexual intercourse is possible when the Asli 555 pills are used. Helps to prevent infections.
3. Suitable for mature women to tighten the vagina, providing youthful sex for both partners.
4. Use regularly to maintain youthful sexual function.


Insert 3-5 beads into the vagina and allow to melt. Leave it. No rinsing is required. However, rinse after 5 minutes if you feel the beads are too drying. Gradually increase the duration until it is not necessary to rinse.

Use once or twice a day to treat existing problems. Or use regularly to maintain virginal quality of the sex organ. Reduce the number of beads if there is too much whitish discharge.


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