Crocodile Oil for Skin Repair & Beauty 20ml


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Crocodile oil, the traditional skin healer

Pure crocodile oil is first used by the native Borneans in Sarawak and the South Africans, this prized oil is highly regarded as a wonder oil for the skin.

We offer to you 100% crocodile oil. Many commercial oils are diluted with other herbal oils as crocodile oil is an expensive substance. There is only 800g of suitable fat that can be obtained from an individual crocodile and this produces only half a litre of pure oil.

If 100% compressed crocodile oil is required, this is the oil. Our crocodile oil can be distinguished by: 1. genuine belly fat (some fats will settle to the bottom). 2. The residues settle to the bottom showing the pristine clear quality of the oil 3. Compressed crocodile oil is concentrated and is non-sticky and not oily. Our oils are packed in clear bottles to display these criteria. Please shake well before use.

I would like to thank you once again for providing this product. It has changed my life since getting rid of eczema! I recommend it to all my friends who have skin problem and it works for them too. I cant thank you enough.


Caution: we advise against using fresh, unprocessed crocodile oil. These are more for cosmetic or pharmaceutical companies to use in the end product after processing. Fresh, unprocessed crocodile oil do not store well beyond a few weeks. They will turn rancid and do more damage than good.

Made with farm crocodile oil (seawater secies, Crocodylus porosus), the oil is completely natural and unadulterated with any chemicals. While only recent discovery has been the oil popular, the oil has in fact been used for many generations by natural healers. In Indonesia, the oil is extracted from heated crocodile’s meat. The oily residue was then filtered according ancient treatise, which uses a bowl made from betel nut and pandan (pandanus) leaves as a strain.  At The Jamu Shop, we purchase the fats from crocodile farms, particularly fats at the belly and neck area. These are then process using our own proprietary method to retain as much bio-actives as possible while allowing the oil to maintain a reasonable shelf life.

Our crocodile oil shown here in a transparent glass bottle.

Pure crocodile oil

Crocodiles are regarded as living fossils due to their resistance to evolutionary change. Recently scientists discovered that crocodiles have the strongest immune system in the world. Our oil is not modified in anyway which could degrade the active properties of the oil.

Crocodile oil is full of collagen albumen, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, and minerals. These help to repair skin problems such as dry skin, burns, frostbites, insect bites and stings, berib beri and eczema. The oil also gradually lightens dark spots, sun spots or freckles as well as reflecting and diffusing UV rays.

Tests have found that the substance in the crocodile blood and fat, an anti-microbial peptide, kills strains of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics. Despite the horrendous injuries that crocodiles inflict on each other, their wounds rarely get infected, even when submerged in contaminated muddy streams. The wounds also heal in a very short time.

Scientists have discovered a powerful agent in a crocodile that may one day be used to fight off infection. Natural antibiotics have been found in various animals including frogs and toads, but now we can add crocodiles to that.

We make no claims about the oil but our customers do!

What’s so different about our crocodile oil. For the simple reason that the oil is processed with minimal interference to the integrity of the oil. The oil has been molecularly distilled to refine and preserve all the natural goodness of the oil. This processing method improves quality and removes any unwanted negative elements in the oil. No adulteration with additives is one important criteria that we have observed over the years. You can see tiny specks of the actual crocodile fat.

The next time you buy crocodile oil, ask the dealer if the contents are 100% crocodile oil or is it mixed with fillers like balm, salve, mineral oils etc. Thats important, because for the crocodile oil to be effective on the skin, it has to be used in its concentrated form, not diluted.

Our crocodile oil :

  1. are made with a special chemical free process that results in a higher chemical free oil
  2. is Anti Wrinkle (thickens and plumps up the skin making wrinkles less obvious)
  3. is Non-Comedogenic (does not block pores)
  4. is Highly Penetrative
  5. is Rich in Omega’s – 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E
  6. is Gentle for all skin types
  7. is Processed from CITIES registered crocodile farms
  8.  is compressed with camphor oil to minimize the easily distinguished odor of the crocodile fats

Crocodiles are farmed for their meat, the same as cattle and chickens, The meat is low in cholesterol and regarded as a delicacy in many restaurants around the world. There is less than 800g of fat on each crocodile which can be used for medical research. The fat is a by product of farming and unless used for medical purposes it is discarded. No crocodiles are killed for the sole purpose of obtaining the fat. Other parts of the crocodile are used for leather goods, the meat as well as other medicinal products.


Helps stop bleeding, burns, hot water scalds, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, cold sores, bruises, insect bites and stings, chafed, scraped and irritates and injured skin, helps to heal wounds, improve skin’s condition and texture, treatment of pimples, helps prevent new acne and pimples, stomach ache, can be used as a massage oil, mosquito repellant oil, oil carminative. Its anti-bacterial and skin healing property is excellent for use in your treatment of acne as it helps to minimize scarring. ‘Scarring is permanent while acne is temporary’. Fades pigmentation. Excellent also for rosacea or eczema along the eyelids.

Note: we find using the crocodile oil quite effective on eczema lesions. Ideally, use with the Eczema Tincture.

An example of the curative properties of this amazing oil. Picture 1-3 shows the healing action of the crocodile oil on a chemical burn of the skin. Duration: 2 weeks of once daily application. Note the secretion of pus in picture 1 when the burn was left untreated for a day.


Apply liberally on affected areas, 3 to 4 times daily. Oil will congeal in a cold climate, warm up and shake well before use.

Other interesting facts 

Crocodiles and dinosaurs are consanguineous. Characterized by unique physiological functions and powerful vital force, crocodile is the only reptile that has been living on earth for over 230 million years. This is clearly a biological wonder. Crocodile breathes with its lung, but it can hold its breath under the water for over 1 hour, which is much longer than whale, dolphin and seal. This is because the hemoglobin-amino acid chain of crocodile’s muscle has a very unique structure. It makes the oxygen carrying capacity of crocodile’s hemoglobin 100 times more than that of other animals. In crocodile’s body, there is one substance that can optimize nucleic acid. This substance helps energize nucleic acid, enhance body’s resistance to diseases, stimulate enzyme and SOD, remove internal waste, and can prolong a crocodile’s life up to 150 years old.

Historical record shows that Chinese started consuming crocodile about 4000 years ago since the Xia Dynasty. During the Shang Dynasty, crocodile meat became a precious choice in royal banquet. The “Compendium of Materia Medica”by Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty states that crocodile meat is a valuable invigorant which can treat damp and skin blemishes. Regular consumption of crocodile meat can strengthen the body, remove speckles and beautify skin.

Scientists have discovered that there is a kind of optimized nucleic acid (a component of DNA and RNA) in crocodile. This component helps energize nucleic acid and promote the cracking of macrophage, lymphocyte and monocyte cells. It can destroy the membrane of tumor cells and kill tumor cells. In addition, it can stimulate catalase and SOD in human body, remove free radicals, and postpone aging. This spherical structure amino acid chain makes the capacity of hemoglobin in crocodile100 times more than that of other animals. Due to such oxygen supply and storage capability, crocodile has powerful vitality and longevity.